Bryan Larson
Bryan Larson

In 1998 I moved from Southern California, where I lived on 20 acres with my wife, Linda, my youngest daughter, Anna and my wife’s parents, Jack and Sonora, to Southern Utah, where we needed to live in one home to care for my mother-in-law. Sonora, who had become sick on a trip to visit our newest grandson at the time, decided that she wanted to stay in the St. George, Utah area to continue treatment from the doctors here.

For 9 years Linda and I cared for her mother and father and in early 2007 they both passed away; Sonora in January and Jack in April, the day before Easter. I watched as Sonora suffered from the effects of cancer, and Jack suffered from immobility due to a knee injury and being overweight. During those 9 years I watched Jack move from the bedroom to the living room, and finally, in the last year and a half, he was unable to get out of bed. During this time, I decided that I did not want to suffer in the closing years of my life. However, I knew that I was headed down the same path, being overweight myself and knowing that if I did not make some changes I would suffer the same fate.

In 2011, I started to have some success; I released 75 pounds, but still struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. Then in 2014, I was introduced to the Emotion Code and the Body Code and knew that I had found the answer to my dilemma. I started using the Emotion Code to release trapped baggage, and my health started to improve. While seeking guidance from my Higher Power on the path that I should be following for the rest of my life, I was lead to the Body Code and set out to certify in both.

I only wish that I had been aware of these methods sooner so that I could have offered some relief to my ailing in-laws. However, I find great joy in being a benefit to myself, my family, and others whose lives I have been able to touch through this great gift that has been provided by Dr. Bradley Nelson, who gives credit to his Higher Power for this technique, and who has graciously made it available to others.

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